Sunday, February 21, 2010

My very own McSteamy

It’s my very first review on my brand new blog! If it’s your first time stopping by, check out my welcome post here.

For my first review, I’ve decided to pick something that has received quite a lot of buzz lately. Back in December I added this bad boy to my Christmas wish list:

Bissell Steam Mop 

It’s the oh-so-dreamy, ahem, I mean steamy…Bissell Steam Mop. Last month, I posted on my facebook page that I was in looovvveee with my new mop, and well I received so much feedback! I couldn’t believe how many people were looking for a great mop!

If you have any type of hard flooring in your house you need this thing! My entire downstairs consists of tile and bamboo flooring. I’ve spent way to much money and time trying to figure out how to clean my dark-espresso stained bamboo floors. I learned the hard way that apparently I can’t use any chemicals on bamboo and due to the dark color it shows every.little.fleck of dirt.  Aye. But since Bissell steamed it’s way into my life, I have repressed my urge to rip up each and every eco-friendly slat of bamboo that was laid in our family room & playroom.

Why do I love this thing? Because it’s so easy to use. You plug it in and go. No bucket of water to mess with, no wet pad refills to buy, and no chemicals needed. You just add water.

The steam sanitizes the surface and since there are no chemicals used, it’s safe for kids to roll around on the floor to their hearts content. This is a big deal to me since I have a 9 month old that is a crawling machine. But to add a cherry on top…it makes my bamboo floors look brand spankin’ new. No streaks. No residue. And no baby drool…for now :)


It works great on my tile too…in fact the hot steam leaves the tile floor toasty warm, which makes me feel like my house should be showcased on MTV cribs with it’s custom heated floors ;)

My minor gripes:

- I wish the cord was longer so I could move throughout more rooms without unplugging/plugging it in.

- I have really hard water at my house, which in turn has left hard water spots on my tile when I’m overly trigger happy. The manual mentions using distilled vinegar to remove the spots if this happens. It did in fact take them right off. I used filtered water the next time around and I didn’t get any spots.

Last time I checked, Amazon had the best price at $77.00 with free shipping. They even beat Wal-Mart, which has it listed for $78.00. If my McSteamy makes it’s way into your home, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Happy mopping…


  1. I think I just might have to add this to my wedding gift registry!!

  2. I bought mine as a result of Holly's recommendation and I love it too! My husband has seen me use it several times in our house in the 6 days since it came in the mail. He claims it's a new 'revolution' that you started. :)

  3. Great job on the new blog Holly. I love the name!

  4. I really want one of these for the new house! My mom bought us a brand new vacuum already, and it sounds like this steam mop would be an awesome companion for it! Thanks for the reviews on it - I love this site already! Great job!