Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The perfect SleepMate

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile now, but it completely slipped my mind until today.

I bought this white noise machine for my son’s nursery a few months ago on Amazon. I paid $49.95 with free shipping, and honestly it has been the best money I’ve ever spent.

All moms out there, know, I mean really know, how important nap time is. Especially uninterrupted nap time. So I’m sure you can understand the predicament I was in when I tell you that I live on a small cul-de-sac and everyone but us has dogs. Multiple dogs. Big, barking dogs. And every time I laid my son down for a much needed nap these dogs would go crazy – ultimately waking my son. Grrr.

I tried many things to block out the noise – fans, heavy curtains, music mobile, etc. Nothing muffled those dogs. So I turned to Amazon to help solve my problems.  I stumbled upon the Marpac SleepMate 980A Sound Conditioner. Amazon had over 900 positive reviews on this thing…and now I know why. It’s really a sleep God in disguise. This thing works wonders. It quiets every outside or external noise. I swear my son has not been woken up once by a dog, lawn mower, ambulance, loud screaming-swearing husband during football season, etc, etc. It has dual speeds with multiple adjustments in order to get the perfect “whooshing” sound. And it’s also perfect to travel with.

                                                                            image provided by Amazon

The reason I was reminded to blog about this today is because we just recently finished renovating our backyard. Which consisted of about 2 weeks of major construction, with pounding, sledge hammering, digging, and sawing. It was LOUD. And I am thanking my lucky stars that I purchased this noise machine because not once did my son wake up. I think every mom can agree that nap time is oh-so important, not only for baby but for the sanity of mama. Now only if I could find something that drowns out the sound of a snoring husband ;)

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  1. I enjoy reading about all your finds! I gave you an award!