Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Badger me all you want

A few weeks ago, I saw someone post the link to EWG’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide exposing the best & the worst sunscreens on the market. And of course, my {not so trusty} Banana Boat was rated one the WORST sunscreens on the market! Mainly, because of the poor UVB coverage and all of the chemicals that are in it! To make matters worse, the baby version, that I use on my son was rated just as bad!

I was so horrified, that I vowed to never use that stuff again.

One of the #1 top rated sunscreens is this stuff called Badger. Their sunscreen is organic, all natural, contains no chemicals, water resistant and provides excellent UVA & UVB coverage. I found it on Amazon for $13.60 {kinda pricey} and it’s only a 2.9 oz tube! Yikes! But the almost 100 positive reviews by customers made me give it a try.

Badger Sunscreen

Let me just say that this is the BEST sunscreen EVER!!! I put it on my son one afternoon and let him run through the sprinklers, and beads of water were literally bouncing off of his skin! It was amazing.  It’s super thick, but rubs in well. Kinda leaves a ghostly look if you don’t rub well, but it wasn’t a big deal for me.

But the icing on the cake was that my husband actually liked wearing it. My husband is a football coach and spends hours in the sun and comes home looking like a lobster on most days. Partly because he is the WORST baby when it comes to wearing sunscreen. I would rather convince my toddler to wear it, than my husband. He is horrible. Whines & whines about putting it on because it “burns” his eyes when he sweats. Well, lo & behold, he used it once and was hooked. He swears it doesn’t burn his eyes at all {probably because there are no chemicals in it – duh!} and he doesn’t come home looking like he was fried up on a BBQ!

This stuff puts me at ease knowing that it’s safe for the whole family to use and there are no harmful chemicals being put on our bodies. To me, it’s worth the extra $$$ :)


  1. Why thank you ma'am! Love to see the sunscreen I am using on my precious child is "to be avoided" DOH!

  2. was the 'someone' who posted the EWG's site me? I remember my SIL posting it in one of my status' and a lot of people were talking about it...good info!