Tuesday, February 22, 2011

not your mother’s tupperware

So, I have this dear friend named Heidi. We are actually real life friends, sorority sisters from college, in fact. Our hubby’s are BFF’s in a strange man-love kind of way. Weird, I know. But anyway…Heidi is also kind of a blog world celebrity. You may know her! Have you seen her blog, The Craft Monkey?! Or maybe you’ve shopped on her ETSY site?! If not, you must become a blog follower of hers. She is crafty, hilarious, talented, generous, thoughtful and just plain awesome!

A couple of month’s back, she sent me a surprise box in the mail. It was full of super fun Tupperware products to sample. {what a sweet friend!} I have never once been to an actual Tupperware party, and I’ve never owned an actual piece of {real} Tupperware. All of my “tupperware” is the cheapy, knock off junk that I’ve acquired through the years. The stuff that doesn’t make it past a couple of dishwasher cycles. Do you know how many random lids I have that don’t fit the container anymore?! Ugh, it’s junk!


So I was ecstatic to open this box of goodies and try out some quality & useful storage containers, that just might make my life easier.

This is what I got:

Early Ages Eco Feed & Grow Set – {did you know Tupperware makes stuff for toddlers?!}

Small Modular & Wonderlier Bowls w/ airtight and liquid tight seals

Stuffables Container w/ expandable lid for when you pile left overs too high

Mini salt & pepper shakers

Forget Me Not Round Container – hangs from a refrigerator shelf and can hold half an onion, tomato, or citrus fruit.

Mellon Ballers & Veggie Spirals & Citrus Peelers

Mini Pitcher – perfect for pancake batter or syrups

All of this stuff is AWESOME! It isn’t flimsy, the lids are a perfect fit, completely air tight, none of this stuff has been stained by any food that I’ve kept in it, and it’s all lived through countless dishwasher cycles.

My FAVORITE, {a must have}, piece is this totally cool Forget Me Not container. I have never see anything like this before, and I’m not sure how I’ve lived without it!

This thing hangs from any refrigerator shelf, and holds any half or quarter piece of onion, tomato, or any kind of lemon, lime, etc. Do you know how many onion halves I have tossed into the trash because I didn’t want to store them in some big container or waste a Ziploc bag?! I use this thing ALL of the TIME!!

My son also got to participate in the fun! He loves his new toddler tumbler!

My hubby also loves the mini green pouring pitcher…he makes our son & I blueberry pancakes every Saturday morning, so he uses the pitcher for the pancake batter! It pours perfect!! Yay for no messes of dripped batter!

Who knew Tupperware could be so fun! It’s definitely come a long way…

If you are interested in gracing your kitchen with any new Tupperware, click on the link below and check out the extensive online catalog!! Happy shopping!


Rants, Raves, and Personal Fave’s TupperConnect Party!


Also – head over to The Craft Monkey and check out all of the creativeness goin’ on :)


  1. aw you say such nice things about me! I'm SO far from a celebrity! But yes, indeed, our husbands DO have some weird man-love thing! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you & your boys are enjoying the goodies! {I LOVE my forget me not container too!}

  2. Hahaha The first picture of Landon is hilarious!!! haha We have one of those cupboards for Owen too and it gets THRASHED! I follow Craft Monkey (b/c of you) and man I'm soo not talented enough for that stuff! haha