Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clip, clip, clip


Ok, so I kinda sorta jumped on this couponing band wagon. I’ve always clipped coupons from my Sunday paper, but this time around I’m going more “extreme” with it and using websites to coordinate using my coupons with store deals.

I have a girlfriend who kept showing me receipts from grocery & drug stores where she literally paid pennies for bags and bags of groceries. So she hooked me…

It took a little bit of time to sort through the good & bad websites to use, but I’ve found a few favorites that I’m going to share it with you!


I’m in no way shape or form as good as those women on that crazy TLC coupon show, but I have been saving quite a bit of money which always is a good thing!

The following are all of the websites that I visit throughout the week, follow on facebook, and rely on to form my shopping lists…

The Krazy Coupon Lady – her website is fantastic! It’s pretty much a catch all for every sale, new coupon, and deal available. Following her on Facebook is a must… – I print numerous coupons from this website throughout the week. It’s easy to print from and easy to navigate…

The Coupon Network – Also a great one to print coupons from

Save at Home Mommy – I use this site to access the sale lists for VONS & Stater Bros.

Hip2Save – I have always been a fan of this site, but now I use it to track down all Rite Aid & Wal-Greens, and Target sales.

There are honestly a million and one websites that provide all of the same information, it’s just about finding the one’s that work for you. *FYI: Never, ever PAY a website to provide you sale lists from grocery stores…you can find all of the information for FREE from the above links that I provided.

The first weekend of the month I did a big shopping trip for all of our food & necessities that we would need for the next 2-3 weeks. I usually can spend an easy $180-200 just in food.

I went to Vons & Stater Bros. It took me an hour and a half to do all of my shopping. I was armed with a stack of coupons and coordinated shopping lists for each store. I spent a total of $95.18. I saved $54.77 in just clipped & printed coupons, not including the savings from my Vons card, etc.

Then I went to Rite Aid, spent $9.03, and walked away with Huggies diapers, 4 free Nivea chapsticks, free tube of Colgate toothpaste, free Colgate toothbrush, Garnier makeup removing wipes, and some other misc things. *It’s important to know that you need to sign up for a Rite Aid Rewards card {it’s free} from their website, prior to doing any shopping there. This is how you can earn free rite aid dollars from purchases you make.

Not too bad in my opinion.

Like I said, I’m not as “professional” as some people I know, but I’m couponing to the extent that I have time for, and saving some money while doing it…can’t go wrong, right?!

Anybody out there a pro already?! Can you share some tips for us newbies to this game? I’m always looking for new & improved ways to save a buck ;)

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  1. I'm so excited about couponing! I started clipping this weekend and will be doing my first official shopping trip today. I've been reading a book by Kathy Spencer that's full of awesome coupon information (got it super cheap from a Borders by me that's closing); here's her website: