Thursday, March 24, 2011

PPB Outlet Sale & Review

Hey mamas…if you haven’t checked it out yet, Petunia Pickle Bottom is having their semi annual online outlet sale right now. A percentage of proceeds are being donated to the Red Cross in order to assist Japan.

I’ve been in the market for a backpack diaper bag, since I will soon be welcoming #2 and free hands is a must! I’ve been debating between the PPB Boxy Backpack & the Ju Ju Be BFF. The Ju Ju Be, in my opinion, appeared at first to be slightly more practical due to the large opening for the main bag compartment, however their bag prints make me cringe. Not subtle at all, which is not really my style. The PPB prints are gorgeous, but I was a little turned off by the narrow opening of the main zippered area, however it is deeper and can hold more stuff than the Ju Ju Be. Price wise, they are pretty much the same. It was a toss up, but it was still tough to think about coughing up the $169 for the PPB Boxy Backpack. So, I’ve been waiting for their outlet sale. The outlet sells all products with discontinued prints and/or certified second products at a huge discount.

On Tuesday, I bought a ‘certified second’ boxy backpack for $67! That’s 61% off!! They say the ‘certified second’ bags could not be sold in the stores due to some minor flaw…which could be anything from a fabric mark to  just damaged packaging when shipped. Well, FedEx just delivered my bag and it’s PERFECT! Not a mark, scuff, or thread out of place!! To make me even happier, the bag arrived two days after I purchased it. WOOHOO!!!

This is the bag I bought:




I was a little concerned about the colors. The online picture made it look really bright, and I don’t like bright. But I read an online review that said the colors were much softer in person, so I took a chance. And I’m glad I did. The colors are perfect…actually very muted! Not bright at all. The darker blue actually has a grayish tint to it, and the light blue is very soft, not that obnoxious baby blue. I love all things shabby chic, and this completely reminds me of that style.

The sale ends 03/28…you can click here, to see what they have in stock.


  1. My hubby is going to want to kick your butt after I tell him I saw this on your blog and HAVE to have a new bag! :)

  2. $67...I hate you!! I got mine for a bit more than that... :/
    I hardly used hopefully it'll come more in handly down the road!