Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I really, REALLY, hope you don’t have this problem

Five years ago, my husband & I adopted our very first furbaby – our spoiled rotten cat, Sydney.

Exhibit A:

Ten months ago, my husband & I welcomed our very first {real} baby – our precious angel, Landon.

Exhibit B:

Two months after giving birth to my son, my husband & I bought a new house & moved.

Exhibit C:

Well it turns out that…


Our beloved furbaby turned into a living nightmare. Apparently, moving into a new house and having a crawling baby chasing after your tail brings about quite a lot of stress and anxiety. I know this because our cat started to PEE, yes PEE, on everything in sight.

It started with my son’s laundry. I guess this was a direct message to my son to “get out”. Then when she figured out my son wasn’t leaving, she moved onto my laundry, then my shoes, and oh, don’t forget about my Coach purse she squatted on. This went on daily, for months. I would walk around my house sniffing like a blood hound dog, until I found something underneath a puddle of the worst smelling bodily fluid on earth.

The last and final straw, came the day she went on a peeing spree. The victim? Our couches in our formal living room. Yep, the suede {ok, maybe it was faux suede} couch, chase & the oversized chair – all goners. They couldn’t be salvaged, and were hauled away to the dump along with my sanity.

My husband was ready to _______ ________ her. {I’ll leave that to your imagination since I don’t want PETA to come knocking on my door}. By this point, I had already spent hundreds of dollars on urine cleaners, vinegar concoctions, marking sprays, natural mood boosters – you name it, I had it. And it didn’t work. 

I called our local vet, with desperation in my voice {or, maybe I was balling my eyes out}. They recommended lots of wine for me and this for the cat:

Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway – it’s supposed to stop all urine marking, anxiety, and behavior problems. I bought 3 of them. They look like this plugged in:

They last 4 weeks, and then require a refill. We’ve had them plugged in for a little over 2 months. And I am elated to report that the peeing has almost stopped completely. I wouldn’t call this a miracle product, because she has slipped up a couple of times. But it’s damn near a miracle, because my sanity is slowly but surely returning.

If you have this problem in your home, I highly recommend these things. But buyer beware - they aren’t cheap by any means. Don’t buy them in a pet supply store because they will run you about $47.99 for each diffuser. I found them on Amazon for $18.99 each!! That’s less than half the price that PetCo. was selling them for! WOW…I love, LOVE, love Amazon…and since I bought 3 of them, my total was over $25 which qualified for FREE shipping!! woot woot!

Are you a doggie lover with this problem? Comfort Zone also makes the same type of products for dogs with urinating & marking problems. A girlfriend of mine has been using them for her little dog {who has been lifting his leg on their couches}, and from what I’ve heard they have slowed the peeing considerably. 

So to sum up this review, I really hope you can’t relate to this post because it’s an awful, stinky, insane problem. But if you do, then good luck and I hope my experience will save your couches ;)


  1. Wish I had known about this a year ago. My furbaby had to find a new home. :( Glad you posted it though- I know you're not the only one with a troubled pet!

  2. Yes, I had the same situation. So glad you were able to almost resolve the problem!

  3. I think I love Comfort Zone...but the dogs are REALLY pissing me off!! haha Some days I'm like yes it TOTALLY works...other days when some of my carpet smells like piss I'm like I'm done w/ them! haha

  4. I am following both of your blogs and hope you will come do the same. I am blog friends with Heidi-she is actually doing a tutorial on my blog tomorrow.