Thursday, October 28, 2010

Part 2: the great paint debate

In my last post, I told you that last year we had our entire house repainted. Every square inch, all 5 bedrooms, top to bottom, even the ceilings! It was quite the task. Hence the reason we paid professionals. But before any of that could happen we had to pick paint colors. I hate picking out paint colors! Seriously, my eyes cross just thinking about it. I just wanted someone to tell me what colors to pick! Who doesn’t?!

The painters we hired, exclusively used Sherwin Williams paint only. I had no prior experience with the brand, so I had to trust their professional opinion. Before picking colors, I googled “most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors”…about a million websites popped up. I came across a real estate home staging website, and on their message board a few realtors were discussing the most popular colors found in model homes. Ding, Ding, Ding! That’s exactly what I wanted!

The two most discussed colors were SW Kilim Beige & SW Latte. I used Kilim Beige in all of my common areas such as the entryway, stairway, hallway, etc. I was looking for a neutral color to match any accent wall or any type of decor and this color was perfect for me! Then I used Latte for my kitchen and kitchen island. Latte & Kilim Beige transition perfectly together! I love, love, LOVE these two colors.

Here are some photo examples {brace yourself for the “before” pics, they are horrifying}


the AFTER {SW Kilim Beige}



Formal Dining room BEFORE



AFTER {Kilim Beige next to burgundy accent wall}


View from and into the formal living room


Kitchen BEFORE

Up-close of SW Latte in kitchen

Kitchen walls & island are in Latte


After looking at all of our BEFORE pictures it really makes me want to blog about all of the other rooms that received a face lift! But I’ll stick with this for now ;)

FYI: All of the paint we used was in an eggshell finish. This may offend you, so I apologize in advance, but I really dislike glossy or semi-gloss paint! I do not like my walls to have “shine” or “glare”. So everything has a flat or velvety finish to it.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of SW. It was affordable and so far I love the richness of the colors. Also – SW did a great job matching colors. In our master bedroom & master bath, we wanted specific Restoration Hardware brand colors {love RH!} so we provided swatches and WAH-LAH!! Perfect match!!

So there you have it! Hopefully this post helped a few people out there that are paint color challenged like myself! Happy painting :)


  1. Its so beautiful.When you set out to Home Stage for the market, you will be looking at the home as if you were a buyer. Adopting this perspective early on will help you in many ways when preparing your home for the market.

  2. Your house is BEAUTIFUL! Go ahead and blog about the other rooms...I'm nosy and wonder what they look like! ;)

  3. Your looks great! I'm really anal about paint in my house, every room has to have a different color! And for that reason I LOVE picking paint! I really like your colors for the living room...I might have to steal that to repaint my living room/hall!

  4. Hello there! I stumbled upon your blog by searching for Kilim Beige images. I'm planning on painting my walls in Kilim Beige and I was wondering what's the color code for the burgundy wall you have in your dining room? It looks great with Kilim!