Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It’s free!

Ready for another giveaway?! How about some free cash to buy anything you want?! Well, you are in luck! CSN is offering a {free} $45 gift certificate to one of my lucky readers! If you haven’t shopped with CSN before, this is the perfect opportunity to check them out. They have everything from fitness equipment to contemporary coffee tables and gorgeous home decor!

Here’s how to enter:

In honor of Veteran's Day, tell me if you are currently serving our country, have served or know of someone who is a veteran…or just tell me how you plan to honor our veteran's tomorrow! {1 entry}

Follow my blog! If you already follow just leave me a comment reminding me :) {1 entry}

Tweet this giveaway, post it on facebook, or repost on your own blog and leave me the link! {1 entry}

I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday 11/13! Good luck!


  1. Aw, my pawpaw was in the army. Tomorrow I'll call and tell him how much I love him!

  2. my grandpa, father, uncles, brother inlaws, cousins and two sisters are in or were in the military.
    and to honor them...hmm. probably a post on FB of course. just like everyone else.

  3. My boyfriend is an Air Force Veteran, my father a Navy Veteran, an Uncle who served in Korea, another in Vietnam and a cousin in the first Iraq war. Plus - countless other friends who have served so bravely!

  4. Great idea Holly!
    My grandfather served in WWII and was a POW. I also have two cousins who have served in the military one of which is still active. To honor them I went to Rose Hills today and placed American flags on my grandfather's tombstone.
    ~Vanessa Winbigler

  5. My dad is a veteran of the U.S. Navy!

  6. My husband and father are both veterans and to honor them we spent the day together as a family.

  7. um...I don't know how these CSN blog posts work! Just let you know! haha Clue me in when you get a chance! :)